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Waiting for Exam Results…

Waiting for exam results is the only feeling, which we never express in terms of words.

We think that good exam results are very important but they don’t constitute a full rounded education.

Success doesn’t lie in ” results ” but in

” efforts “, ” being ” the best is not so important, ” doing ” the best is all that matters.

What happens in an exam; tic tock, mind block, pen stop, eye pop, full of shock, jaw drop, time up, no luck!

Waiting for exam results is like hanging on a cliff, either you fall or climb it…
Every bad results teach you something, & you can learn your lessons & get better!
Exams are fearful for those who are afraid of it.

Sleep may be the last thing on your mind the evening before Results Day but a good few winks will put you in a good frame of mind to face what lies ahead for the following day.
Spending time with a family member could help you when the nerves start to set in, you might really appreciate them being there.

If you really need to release some stress, go for a run. This will help clear your mind & is also a good workout!

Music can have a very powerful effect on the way you feel & your emotions. Classical music has a sooting effect, but any music you love will lower your anxiety & calm you down. Unwind by listening to something chilled, or crank up the volume & sing your heart out. Whatever works for you!

Good Luck!


Test yourself: Property Law

Undergraduate Laws Blog

property1Recent crosswords on Criminal Law and Law of Tort have proved to be very popular. Next up in our ‘Test yourself’ series is Property Law. Download the crossword below.

Good luck!

Property Law Crossword (PDF, opens new window)

Crossword provided by Claire De Than. Claire is a lecturer at City University and also teaches on the Laws Study Support sessions and Regional Revision courses.

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Exam Tips – Part 2

Undergraduate Laws Blog

The second of our selection of exam tips provided by Professor Hudson, Property law Module Convenor, focusing on answering essay questions. Please also see Part One which covers answering problem questions.

Essay questions.Writers block

1. Have a thesis/argument. When writing an answer to an essay question it is important to have a point: i.e. you must have a thesis (or argument) that you are seeking to prove or to disprove. Here are three examples of how you might construct a thesis.

• A thesis can be a particular line of argument that you are following (although a good answer will usually consider the strength of the counter-arguments as it progresses): an example would be – ‘This answer shall seek to demonstrate that the doctrine of proprietary estoppel generates too much uncertainty to be a useful part of land law’ or ‘The law on adverse possession is a scandalous interference with the…

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